Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Mani! Sportsgirl Purple Rain

Sportsgirl Nailpolish in Purple Rain (flash)

Isn't this just divine?! It actually looks much nicer and has more depth in real life - and it is less blue and more of a royal purple. You can sort of see a more accurate colour on the left hand side of the bottle. No matter what camera and lighting and WB settings I used, it turned out blue - I've already played with the colour settings in this picture!

The colour is incredibly vampy and a perfect halloween purple - as you can see, the shadows look almost black but there is an amazing purple shimmer where the light hits it. I loved the brush and formula but it's a shame the bottle is such an awkward shape, rendering it a bit unstable. If you weren't careful and using one hand to dip the brush into the polish, the bottle could easily tip over.

Bottle shape aside, this is a must-have and is much more than what I expected from a Sportsgirl polish (plus, it's on sale!).

Fred xo


  1. It looks purple on my screen :) I know how hard it is to catch some colours though. I may have to hunt this down. It's like a purple version of Wonder Woman.

  2. That's what I thought when I was reading your blog! This is in those sales buckets right now (I took advantage of the further 20% off deal hehe).

  3. Wow, what a beautiful purple! It's awesome!
    I'm following you now, great blog you have :)

  4. nice! will try to get one tomo if there's any left : )

  5. If you're in sydney there are one or two left at broadway :). They also have those paradoxal 'dupes' on sale too!