Friday, November 19, 2010

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Today I have on an oldie but goodie - China Glaze Ruby Pumps is definitely a must have.

With Flash
Natural Light (unfortunately blurry)

Unfortunately the colour has photographed much more orange red than it really is. It is deeper and more 'ruby' like - the colour on the bottom half of the bottle is much closer. to real life .Ruby pumps is actually what I think is silver glitter suspended in a red jelly base - which makes the glitter appear red. I feel like I really need Emerald Sparkle because apparently it's a green version of this? This is a base coat (discussed below), with 3 coats Ruby Pumps and 1 coat Ulta3 Non-Chip.

Today I also bought Sally Hansen No More Peeling for $4 from Paddy's Markets (which for those non-sydneysiders is a flea market type thing, but indoors, and they tend to have little shops selling drugstore/american cheapo products that often look like they've 'f'allen' off the back of a truck). This is also a great place to find discontinued polishes and makeup (Sally Hansen Nail Prisms anyone?!). Since this treatment does not seem to have much about it on google, I'm assuming that it is discontinued or not available in the U.S.

As I said in my last post, my nails have recently been peeling so I'll see how effective this is - currently using it as a base coat for ruby pumps. This is what it looks like:

Last but not least, I tried out laser hair removal for the first time today. It didn't hurt very much (no worse than epilating really) and my lady was very nice and talked to me throughout the session to (presumably) keep me distracted. I will keep you guys updated on my results etc, but I've been told that it may not be as effective on younger people (I'm 19), but I do have black hair which is apparently better for Laser.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, hope you enjoyed it!
Fred <3

p.s. seeing HP7 tomorrow woooo!


  1. Ooh I love ruby pumps, its one of my fave CG's! It has like, depth to it!
    And laser hair removal...I wanna get that done but its really exxy isnt it?

  2. It's not actually that bad (but I only had my underarms done which was $30). On VF there's a huge thread on it - apparently neoskin in Melb is really good (and cheap)?

  3. i swear i keep seeing people with this nail polish color on. i love it on u! it looks gorgeous. i really should just get it. haha

  4. Do it Jen! It'll be so much cheaper for you since you're in the U.S. :)