Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Package Arrival

L-R: Color Club Worth the Risque, Positively Posh, Femme Fatale, Covered in Diamonds, China Glaze Atlantis, Metor Shower and 2030
Hurray my polish order arrived. However, I was so disappointed when finding out that Revvvolution was out of stock but the company I ordered from was great in letting me know and allowed me to replace it with femme fatale. The first colour I tried is Color Club's Positively Posh. It's my first time with Color Club and it definitely gets the thumbs up from me!

Color Club Positively Posh

The colour is lovely and sophisticated although it definitely requires at least 3 coats (the first looked absolutely horrid I have to say). It is a bit more brown in real life. I'm also not used to using such a small brush, but overall drying time is quite quick and it dries very shiny. Don't mind the greasy, weird looking cuticles - I stupidly put on hand cream just before photographing, which also made the nails appear not as shiny as they really are as well :(.
Fred xo
edit: My boyfriend described Positively Posh as "poo-brown", but I still love it!

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