Monday, October 11, 2010

Covered in Diamonds?

Hi guys, so I have the gorgeous Color Club covered in dimaonds to show you! Here it is layered on top of NYC midnight (my favourite dark creme).

NYC Midnight and Color Club Covered in Diamonds (Top with flash, bottom without)
Yes I am aware that the bottom photo is rather crappy but because the screen on the camera I have been using recently is so small, I can't exactly tell whether the photos I've taken are in focus or not. I'm also aware of the messy cleanup!

Covered in Diamonds as you can see is absolutely gorgeous, but I think the effect is more opal than diamond (the boyfriend pointed this out)! The application was unusual - the polish was really gluggy but dried quickly. I had some flakes that had not dried flat so I ingeniously used nail clippers to trim them as they were driving me crazy haha.

Midnight has amazing application as usual - mostly one coat although some nails required two. As I've mentioned before, it's actually a blackened blue although it really does just look black usually.

Fred xo