Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chi Chi Label Queen

I picked up a couple of Chi Chi polishes about a month ago (on sale, but they retail at around $13) and completely forgot about label queen. I swear I took photos of Moondust which was the other polish but I can't find them anywhere! At Myer you can also get mini chi chi polishes for $5 but I'm not sure if all colours are available in the minis.

2 Coats Chi Chi Label Queen

I have to say that I'm not so delighted as to how this goes with my skin tone. However my boyfriend and sister seemed to like it (and they don't like any of my dark shades or flakies etc). I think it would suit those with a cooler skin tone much better. The second picture represents the colour of the polish much better, although IRL it is a bit more pink toned.

In terms of application the brush is amazing - this required little to no clean up, note that I am one of those big brush lovers :). Another nice aspect of the polish is that it only requires two coats to become opaque. However, I'm not as impressed with the formula as the brush. The consistency was a bit strange - akin to a more watery whiteout, and left some visible drag marks even with a topcoat added, as you might be able to see in the second picture. This could possibly be due to my application method though!

All in all, if you see this on sale then definitely go for it - especially if you have a cooler skin tone. But I think I would be reluctant to pay full price given the other options out there. China Glaze Light as Air remains my pastel-purple of choice (and it's cheaper!).

Now I'm off to do more of a group assignment - yay for CAPM models.

Fred xo


  1. Pastels are notoriously fickle, aren't they? So hard to not get brush marks. This looks gorgeous on you - and matches your blog colours perfectly!

  2. Ah I didn't think about it that way.. but now you say it it does! Thanks for visiting :D

  3. I love this colour! where did you get it from? Also, how do you get that nice round ness between the polish and the cuticle?! i always manage to get it on my skin haha