Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mode Cosmetics Nailpolishes

Hi Eveyone! So i'm sort of in the middle of my mid-semster exams right now... but I thought I'd take a few minutes to show you a couple of polishes from another Australian cheap nailpolish/makeup brand. I bought both from my university pharmacy, and they retail for $2.45 AUD there (I get a slight discount though because I'm a member of the student union). Mode cosmetics should not be hard to find in other pharmacies/chemists either (although not in priceline).

Mode Cosmetics Nail Polish in Cool As
I have to say that I'm very late on the mint bandwagon - but I absolutely love this colour and was surprised that it actually looked good (in my opinion anyway :P). This was 2-3 coats with one coat of Ulta3 non-chip top coat. The formula is quite thick but still good to work with (not as nice as Ulta3). It also dries relatively quickly and is a bit more green (and less blue) than it appears in the photo. I believe that the photo was taken on the second day of wear.

Mode Cosmetics Nail Polish in Messed Up

So this is the colour I gave you a preview of awhile ago and this is another favourite! It definitely satisfied my want for a taupe/grey without a high price tag - in fact I bought a back up a few weeks after first buying because there were only one or two bottles left in the pool of polishes. The polish does have some purple undertones but nowhere near as much as what the photo shows - it is more taupey in real life. Like the formula in Cool As, the polish is thicker than I like, but not too difficult to work with. Don't mind the slightly messy application in this photo haha.

Overall, I think these are a bargain and Mode seems to have quite 'trendy' colours, although amongst the garish, frosty, bright pink little girl colours which I have to say I abhor. Also, these are great to fill those colour 'gaps' that Ulta3 seems to have in its collection for less than a dollar more. However, I bought a lip pencil from this brand that was is so hard it feels like rubbing pen on your mouth (with no pigmentation?!).

Anyway, back to studying!


  1. The minty colour looks so good on your nails! Your painting is soo neat! I dont really use Mode polishes...I used to have this gross frosty pink one that chipped all the time so I tend to steer clear lol

  2. I like the second hue. It's simple yet chic! :)

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  3. Thanks guys! Btw Krissy I do a clean up after application which is how I can get it nicely rounded :D.