Sunday, August 22, 2010

iNuovi sale!

Hey guys, so you may have heard about it already (especially if you're on vogue forums), but Stefan Hair online store is having a massive sale on the iNuovi makeup brand - all items $1!!! I think this brand is better known in Singapore and seems to retail at about 20-30 dollars. Shipping is a flat rate $11 though, so you need to make it worth your while. That's why I ended up buying 21 things (and received 24).

I will slowly be going through and reviewing/swatching the different categories of things that I've gotten. Service was great - ordered on a Saturday and receieved the package on a Tuesday. They ran out of one of the blushes I ordered so they gave me two blushes, an eyeshadow and some makeup sponges as a bonus so I'm not complaining (YAY! although these were not boxed like the other items). So far I love the blushes, concealor and lipsticks - I need some more time with the eyeshadow :).

Unfortunately I think they only ship within Australia and I do think the sale has been on for quite a long time so you should try to get in before it's all gone. I'm seriously considering getting another order since it's so cheap. Maybe I can con my sister into buying stuff and chipping in for shipping...

Anyway, check back for swatches soon.


P.S. has anyone seen the actual stefan stores and thought that stefan looks a bit creepy?


  1. I've known about this for a while but I've been hesitant to get stuff... maybe I should now, I've seen reviews popping up all over the place lol!

  2. Yes do it! :) Try the blush and lipstick for sure - the lipstick range isn't as diverse though (a lot of different toned reds and no nudes, but amazing texture).