Friday, August 27, 2010

iNuovi Lipsticks

L-R: iNuovi Ivoluxe Lipsticks in: Apricot, Peach, Dew, Flame, Posh, Sassy, Seduce

Hey guys, here is a brief swatch of the iNuovi lipsticks - as you can see I bought quite a few since lipstick is probably the only makeup department that I'm lacking in :P. They appear quite sheer and not as bright in the swatches - unfortunately I am unable to edit the photos. These are really moisturising and look lovely on - however I don't feel that the colour range is that diverse and is somewhat lacking in nudes/light pinks. Also, apricot is much more orange than pictured! Some colours have some frost but it is not overpowering as you can see in the pic.

My personal favourite is sassy as it's quite a wearable browny-red colour which matches my warm skintone.

Fred :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

iNuovi sale!

Hey guys, so you may have heard about it already (especially if you're on vogue forums), but Stefan Hair online store is having a massive sale on the iNuovi makeup brand - all items $1!!! I think this brand is better known in Singapore and seems to retail at about 20-30 dollars. Shipping is a flat rate $11 though, so you need to make it worth your while. That's why I ended up buying 21 things (and received 24).

I will slowly be going through and reviewing/swatching the different categories of things that I've gotten. Service was great - ordered on a Saturday and receieved the package on a Tuesday. They ran out of one of the blushes I ordered so they gave me two blushes, an eyeshadow and some makeup sponges as a bonus so I'm not complaining (YAY! although these were not boxed like the other items). So far I love the blushes, concealor and lipsticks - I need some more time with the eyeshadow :).

Unfortunately I think they only ship within Australia and I do think the sale has been on for quite a long time so you should try to get in before it's all gone. I'm seriously considering getting another order since it's so cheap. Maybe I can con my sister into buying stuff and chipping in for shipping...

Anyway, check back for swatches soon.


P.S. has anyone seen the actual stefan stores and thought that stefan looks a bit creepy?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yay Holo!

Ulta3 Wildberry and L.A. Colors Rockstar Polish in Double Platinum

I really didn't intend for this blog to be a nail polish blog but oh well it seems like it's heading that way! It's just so much easier to take photos of polish than other stuff :P. Also, I've recently just gone back to uni and gotten a new job so I'm pretty busy!

The mani I have to show you today is Ulta3 Wildberry topped with L.A. Colors Double Platinum. I've got on one coat of Wildberry (from the spring collection) which is a very dark grey creme with a hint of purple (not really discernible) and then two coats of Double Platinum.

Double Platinum actually has a sheer taupey base which doesn't really show - meaning it wouldn't be the best polish to wear on its own if you're looking for opacity. It also has lots of silver and holo glitter! When there is no light hitting the nails they look a lot like gunmetal - dark grey with silver glitter. I absolutely love holo glitter in the sunlight though! To see the prismatic effect of the holo glitter see my intentionally blurry picture below :P

I intend to update this post with pictures of the actual polishes later.
Anyway, until next time!
P.S. Does anyone know why some of the pictures on my blog are clickable and some aren't? Because I upload them onto the blog the same way every time :S