Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ulta3 Natural Spring + Crystallina

Above is 3 coats of Ulta3 Natural Spring with one coat of Crystallina (no top or bottom coat because I am lazy). Natural spring on its own looked a bit off and my application wasn't that great so I added one coat of crystallina on top which gives this amazing gold sheen (which I couldn't get on camera because it is overcast and crappy today). If you want to see individual swatches of the polishes, check out More Nail Polish who has an awesome blog and swatches of almost every ulta3 colour.

The picture was taken today, and I have been wearing the polish for four days! This application is wearing extremely well although there is tip wear on my right thumb (which is inevitable because it is my can opener etc). I love this combo, but the boyfriend didn't because he said it looked like too perfect cupcake icing haha.

By the way, this polish is only available in Australia and is one of my favourites - I think it was one of the best selling drugstore brand polishes in Australia last year? At $2 a bottle, you can't go wrong :)