Friday, July 16, 2010

Shoes yay.

L-R: Rubi Shoes Stevie Wedge Boots, Wittner Protect in Mush(?)
So this past week I came across some bargains that I thought I'd share for my first fashion related post. On the left are the Rubi Shoes Stevie Wedge Boots which are really inexpensive although obviously not real leather. Those of you who are interested better act fast because they're selling out quickly as most of the rubi stores I've been to have limited sizes now. Since Rubi is part of the Cotton On group these should also available in Asia and New Zealand. Here's are some more pics:

The Wittner Protects on the other hand are leather and were discounted heavily! Wittner is having a massive sale atm (which it tends to do once in a while) and I like Wittner because they tend to change stock quite often and are on trend (and use leather). Unfortunately Wittner is not available outside Australia but there are often shoes on ebay. I love these heels because I'm a bit unco with walking in heels and they're not sky high. Here's how they look on and from the side:

Yikes, I should probably learn to cam-whore a bit better because my right leg is bent in all these photos making it look bigger.

Anyway the next post will be a nail polish one :)


  1. Oooh I like the heel height on those wittner shoes! Im also unco in high heels so I may check them out! :D

  2. How adorable are these?? Love the wedge boots. They're so cute!

  3. How high is the heel on the Rubi shoes?