Sunday, July 4, 2010


So I'm sure readers are non-existent at the moment but all bloggers need to start somewhere. This blog will be focussed on makeup swatches, review, looks, tutorials as well as ramblings on clothes, fashion and perhaps some other aspects of my life. This is not my first blog as I used to do layouts and HTML all by myself in the early years of highschool - gee blogger makes it freaking easy to create a blog! I look back and shudder at the terrible 'teeny bopper' language I used to use back then... hopefully I won't write anything I don't regret here =P.

Also, some info about me? Well you can call me Fred, I'm a busy university student who was born and raised in Australia with a Chinese background. I've got really diverse interests and makeup is just one of them that I have been getting more and more excited about! I've loved playing with makeup ever since I was little and I think it's just another way to be artistic (did I mention I love art?). I try not to take it too seriously, but it is of course easy to get carried away with because there are just so many colours and textures to play with.

Hopefully this blog will be of use (or at least some interest) to you :) Especially all you Aussie girls!

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