Saturday, December 11, 2010

Laser hair removal update and some ramble

So it's been about 4 weeks since I had my first session on my underarms and so far so GOOD! I have NOT shaved/waxed/epilated since the day before the procedure and still do not see the need to.

After the procedure the hair started to slowly grow out (which was the annoying stage, and I wasn't sure whether to shave or not), but then it began to fall out after about 1-2 weeks. Now there is very fine hair growing - so fine that you can barely see it - although there are about 4 or 5 hairs that did not fall out and are the same thickness (although are still a short length considering the time period).

Sorry if this is TMI but I know that a lot of people are interested in Laser Hair Removal - I for one spent ages reading the long long thread on vogue forums (which has loads of input from Kiki Chaos who has a stellar blog!). I am eagerly awaiting my next session which will happen once I actually need to shave the hair. It has been really convenient not having to worry about having fuzz, especially as it's summer.

Anyhow, sorry about the lack of posts - these holidays I have been a bit of a busy bee! I recently started a new job as an xmas casual at a certain retailer, amongst the two other jobs I usually have during uni. I love my new job, co-workers, and the clothes! I also haven't worn any new nail colours - although I did rock "Cool As" by Mode again, with lots of compliments.

Lastly, I've been on an unsuccessful hunt for a 3/Voda store in Sydney that stocks the 16gb iPhone4 for cap plans. You'd think that being released for a few months already, they would be in stock - not happy as it is likely I have to wait for the new year.

I'm also going bushwalking in the Blue Mountains with the boy and some of his mates tomorrow so I'm excited! Last time it included a demoralising trek up a mountain although I'm sure it was good for my thighs haha.

Fred xo

Sunday, November 28, 2010

China Glaze Light As Air

Hi Everyone,

Today I have on China Glaze - Light As Air from the Up and Away collection! It's a gorgeous lilac/lavender which I think is perfect for Spring. Agent Lavender also from China Glaze is close to this however it is much more blue toned than Light As Air in my opinion. As with most pastel cremes, the formula is a bit annoying (visible brush strokes, patchy bits) but nothing a top coat can't disguise. Also, this is opaque in two coats.

China Glaze Light As Air

Now that I've been wearing more glitters/frosts/shimmers, I feel like lighter cremes always need a little extra - I'm thinking about konading or putting Covered in Diamonds (shown here) on the accent fingers. Does anyone else feel like this about cremes?

Thanks for reading,
Fred xo

Friday, November 19, 2010

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Today I have on an oldie but goodie - China Glaze Ruby Pumps is definitely a must have.

With Flash
Natural Light (unfortunately blurry)

Unfortunately the colour has photographed much more orange red than it really is. It is deeper and more 'ruby' like - the colour on the bottom half of the bottle is much closer. to real life .Ruby pumps is actually what I think is silver glitter suspended in a red jelly base - which makes the glitter appear red. I feel like I really need Emerald Sparkle because apparently it's a green version of this? This is a base coat (discussed below), with 3 coats Ruby Pumps and 1 coat Ulta3 Non-Chip.

Today I also bought Sally Hansen No More Peeling for $4 from Paddy's Markets (which for those non-sydneysiders is a flea market type thing, but indoors, and they tend to have little shops selling drugstore/american cheapo products that often look like they've 'f'allen' off the back of a truck). This is also a great place to find discontinued polishes and makeup (Sally Hansen Nail Prisms anyone?!). Since this treatment does not seem to have much about it on google, I'm assuming that it is discontinued or not available in the U.S.

As I said in my last post, my nails have recently been peeling so I'll see how effective this is - currently using it as a base coat for ruby pumps. This is what it looks like:

Last but not least, I tried out laser hair removal for the first time today. It didn't hurt very much (no worse than epilating really) and my lady was very nice and talked to me throughout the session to (presumably) keep me distracted. I will keep you guys updated on my results etc, but I've been told that it may not be as effective on younger people (I'm 19), but I do have black hair which is apparently better for Laser.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, hope you enjoyed it!
Fred <3

p.s. seeing HP7 tomorrow woooo!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quick Update!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been studying and doing my final exams for this semster! Thankfully I had my last exam today and am now finished with cramming my head with formulas, equations and legislation. Over my study period I've also been trying to give my nails a break as they've been prone to peeling over the last few months - anyone got any reccs as to what I can do?

Expect more updates over these holidays - I've still got a few untried nailpolishes to show you and I plan to hit up the nail supply very soon!

Over and out,


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Mani! Sportsgirl Purple Rain

Sportsgirl Nailpolish in Purple Rain (flash)

Isn't this just divine?! It actually looks much nicer and has more depth in real life - and it is less blue and more of a royal purple. You can sort of see a more accurate colour on the left hand side of the bottle. No matter what camera and lighting and WB settings I used, it turned out blue - I've already played with the colour settings in this picture!

The colour is incredibly vampy and a perfect halloween purple - as you can see, the shadows look almost black but there is an amazing purple shimmer where the light hits it. I loved the brush and formula but it's a shame the bottle is such an awkward shape, rendering it a bit unstable. If you weren't careful and using one hand to dip the brush into the polish, the bottle could easily tip over.

Bottle shape aside, this is a must-have and is much more than what I expected from a Sportsgirl polish (plus, it's on sale!).

Fred xo

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chi Chi Label Queen

I picked up a couple of Chi Chi polishes about a month ago (on sale, but they retail at around $13) and completely forgot about label queen. I swear I took photos of Moondust which was the other polish but I can't find them anywhere! At Myer you can also get mini chi chi polishes for $5 but I'm not sure if all colours are available in the minis.

2 Coats Chi Chi Label Queen

I have to say that I'm not so delighted as to how this goes with my skin tone. However my boyfriend and sister seemed to like it (and they don't like any of my dark shades or flakies etc). I think it would suit those with a cooler skin tone much better. The second picture represents the colour of the polish much better, although IRL it is a bit more pink toned.

In terms of application the brush is amazing - this required little to no clean up, note that I am one of those big brush lovers :). Another nice aspect of the polish is that it only requires two coats to become opaque. However, I'm not as impressed with the formula as the brush. The consistency was a bit strange - akin to a more watery whiteout, and left some visible drag marks even with a topcoat added, as you might be able to see in the second picture. This could possibly be due to my application method though!

All in all, if you see this on sale then definitely go for it - especially if you have a cooler skin tone. But I think I would be reluctant to pay full price given the other options out there. China Glaze Light as Air remains my pastel-purple of choice (and it's cheaper!).

Now I'm off to do more of a group assignment - yay for CAPM models.

Fred xo

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ulta3 Earl Grey

Hi guys,

Today I have one of the new shades from Ulta3 - Earl Grey to show you. I have to say that the the polish in the bottle appears lighter than the nail. The formula is very nice as usual, requiring only two coats. You could probably get away with one very thick coat too! Here I've used one coat of each Essie firstbase base coat and Ulta3 non-chip topcoat as well.

Ulta3 Earl Grey

Monday, October 11, 2010

Covered in Diamonds?

Hi guys, so I have the gorgeous Color Club covered in dimaonds to show you! Here it is layered on top of NYC midnight (my favourite dark creme).

NYC Midnight and Color Club Covered in Diamonds (Top with flash, bottom without)
Yes I am aware that the bottom photo is rather crappy but because the screen on the camera I have been using recently is so small, I can't exactly tell whether the photos I've taken are in focus or not. I'm also aware of the messy cleanup!

Covered in Diamonds as you can see is absolutely gorgeous, but I think the effect is more opal than diamond (the boyfriend pointed this out)! The application was unusual - the polish was really gluggy but dried quickly. I had some flakes that had not dried flat so I ingeniously used nail clippers to trim them as they were driving me crazy haha.

Midnight has amazing application as usual - mostly one coat although some nails required two. As I've mentioned before, it's actually a blackened blue although it really does just look black usually.

Fred xo

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Positively Posh + Femme Fatale

Since I'm going to take off positively posh soon, I figured I may aswell layer Femme Fatale over it to see what it looks like and boy do I love it! I think it's quite an interesting colour combo that I've never seen - greige plus purple/magenta? shimmer. Of course there is tipwear and mild chipping as I've had positively posh on for awhile now (see last post). Don't mind the crappy photo quality, it was the only one I could get that showed the purple shimmer properly and I had to sharpen the hell out of it.

Color Club Positively Posh layered with Color Club Femme Fatale

I also bought Angels on Bare Skin and Lemony Flutter today so I might do some reviews after I use them for awhile. From what I can tell so far, I think it may be possible that Lemony flutter will replace my current HG Neutrogena Norweigian Formula Hand Cream!

Fred xo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Package Arrival

L-R: Color Club Worth the Risque, Positively Posh, Femme Fatale, Covered in Diamonds, China Glaze Atlantis, Metor Shower and 2030
Hurray my polish order arrived. However, I was so disappointed when finding out that Revvvolution was out of stock but the company I ordered from was great in letting me know and allowed me to replace it with femme fatale. The first colour I tried is Color Club's Positively Posh. It's my first time with Color Club and it definitely gets the thumbs up from me!

Color Club Positively Posh

The colour is lovely and sophisticated although it definitely requires at least 3 coats (the first looked absolutely horrid I have to say). It is a bit more brown in real life. I'm also not used to using such a small brush, but overall drying time is quite quick and it dries very shiny. Don't mind the greasy, weird looking cuticles - I stupidly put on hand cream just before photographing, which also made the nails appear not as shiny as they really are as well :(.
Fred xo
edit: My boyfriend described Positively Posh as "poo-brown", but I still love it!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Inglot Eyeshadows

Yesterday I went on a bit of a shopping trip to Bondi Junction Westfield which is home to one of the very few (unfortunately) Inglot stalls in Sydney. Apparently they had overstocked on some eyeshadows so of course I had to pick some up since I've been lemming some more Mac purple shadows recently anyway. I purchased the single eye shadows in #72, #74 and #55. Here they are:

Left #74, Top: #55, Bottom: #72
L-R: #72, #55, #74
The colours in the second picture are much closer to true life, although #72 and #74 are a bit more warm/red. The swatches below are a pretty good indication of the colour. The left hand side is over nothing whilst the right hand side of the swatch is over NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk.
T-B: #74, #55, #72

Overall I find that the texture is very smooth, and although there appears to be quite a bit of glitter on the pot, it does not show up as much on the skin. As you can see from the swatches, I'd definitely reccommend using a base under the shadows, although the same can be said for most pressed eyeshadow really.

I'm personally not a huge fan of clear plastic packaging like this, however it feels quite sturdy and not too flimsy or cheap. I wish I could depot these, but I don't think I can do it without putting the shadow at risk. I'm sure that these will get quite a lot of wear in the future!

Hope this post was helpful to you who have been contemplating inglot. Oh and they also recently got in new nail colours which looked quite lovely so be sure to check it out.

Fred xo

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Favourite Shadows

Hi guys,

So I thought I'd show you my top 5 shadows... which are consequently all from MAC, although I do have to say that I personally have not tried that many shadows from other mid-high end brands (although I have plenty of low end). Here is my favourite - MAC Bronze which is also one of my first MAC shadows and my only shadow in a pot. It's my favourite because it is so versatile and is my go-to shadow when I'm in a rush and just need an all over colour.
MAC Bronze Eyeshadow

My other top 4 shadows come in no particular order and they are Swiss Chocolate, Brun, Deep Truth and Beauty Marked.

Clockwise from top left: Brun, Swiss Chocolate, Deep Truth, Beauty Marked

I think Swiss Chocolate and Brun make the list because I use these almost every single day - Brun for brows (and sometimes outer v), and Swiss Chocolate for the crease. I feel that Brun makes a perfect brow shade for those with black hair like me because it is not too dark (use it sparingly though!) and does not have red undertones that just look wrong imo.

On the other hand, I wouldn't say that I use Deep Truth or Beauty Marked a whole lot - but as you can see from the picture these are truly stunning. Deep Truth is not the easiest shadow to work with as it can require some layering to get the full effect, but it's great for a night out and really complements brown eyes. Beauty Marked is notorious for being hated but I think it's just lovely as either a liner or something to darken the outer v. It is true that it is hard to get the sparkle to show, but some pixie epoxy, paint pot, fluidline (especially macroviolet!) or NYX jumbo pencil as a base or even water should do the trick.

Anyway, enough of my rambling - hope you enjoyed this post!

Fred xo

Friday, September 24, 2010

OPI My Private Jet

Hi guys, so today I have the famous My Private Jet to show you!

This is taken with flash so I would say that it is not as sparkly in normal light. I hate to say it but I was a little dissapointed with the polish because I was hoping for a bit more of a 'holographic' effect. In most lighting it appears as just a normal silver shimmer. Hopefully when I get Revvvolution, my lust for a black holo will be satiated!
It is nonetheless very pretty and was in some ways similar to the Wildberry/Rockstar combo I blogged about in this post, just with less holo and more brown/plum undertones. My boyfriend also liked it which is a plus since he normally does not like darker polishes. Application was slightly gluggy, although this might be more due to the fact that I'm so used to the non-glugginess of the ulta3s. Pictured is 3 coats :)

The next post will be on my top 5 eyeshadows!

Fred xo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So I was a bit naughty today and had a polish splurge to congratulate myself on finishing my midsems (well I'm justifying it like that ok). Hopefully I'll have these in my hands soon!!!

- Color Club Positively Posh
- Color Club Covered in Diamonds
- Color Club Worth the Risque
- Color Club Revvvolution
- China Glaze Atlantis (because gorgeous Krissy gave me a HUGE lemming for this!)
- China Glaze 2030
- China Glaze Meteor Shower

I really only made the order because I was lusting after Revvvolution and Covered in Diamonds since I don't know of any Sydney stockists of Color Club. Hopefully Positively Posh won't be too similar to Mode Messed Up although the swatches make it seem a lot darker, also I hope Revvvolution is much better than OPI My Private Jet (which I have).

Hmm, anyway off to finish up some preparation for an in class moot I have tomorrow!

xo Fred

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mode Cosmetics Nailpolishes

Hi Eveyone! So i'm sort of in the middle of my mid-semster exams right now... but I thought I'd take a few minutes to show you a couple of polishes from another Australian cheap nailpolish/makeup brand. I bought both from my university pharmacy, and they retail for $2.45 AUD there (I get a slight discount though because I'm a member of the student union). Mode cosmetics should not be hard to find in other pharmacies/chemists either (although not in priceline).

Mode Cosmetics Nail Polish in Cool As
I have to say that I'm very late on the mint bandwagon - but I absolutely love this colour and was surprised that it actually looked good (in my opinion anyway :P). This was 2-3 coats with one coat of Ulta3 non-chip top coat. The formula is quite thick but still good to work with (not as nice as Ulta3). It also dries relatively quickly and is a bit more green (and less blue) than it appears in the photo. I believe that the photo was taken on the second day of wear.

Mode Cosmetics Nail Polish in Messed Up

So this is the colour I gave you a preview of awhile ago and this is another favourite! It definitely satisfied my want for a taupe/grey without a high price tag - in fact I bought a back up a few weeks after first buying because there were only one or two bottles left in the pool of polishes. The polish does have some purple undertones but nowhere near as much as what the photo shows - it is more taupey in real life. Like the formula in Cool As, the polish is thicker than I like, but not too difficult to work with. Don't mind the slightly messy application in this photo haha.

Overall, I think these are a bargain and Mode seems to have quite 'trendy' colours, although amongst the garish, frosty, bright pink little girl colours which I have to say I abhor. Also, these are great to fill those colour 'gaps' that Ulta3 seems to have in its collection for less than a dollar more. However, I bought a lip pencil from this brand that was is so hard it feels like rubbing pen on your mouth (with no pigmentation?!).

Anyway, back to studying!

Friday, August 27, 2010

iNuovi Lipsticks

L-R: iNuovi Ivoluxe Lipsticks in: Apricot, Peach, Dew, Flame, Posh, Sassy, Seduce

Hey guys, here is a brief swatch of the iNuovi lipsticks - as you can see I bought quite a few since lipstick is probably the only makeup department that I'm lacking in :P. They appear quite sheer and not as bright in the swatches - unfortunately I am unable to edit the photos. These are really moisturising and look lovely on - however I don't feel that the colour range is that diverse and is somewhat lacking in nudes/light pinks. Also, apricot is much more orange than pictured! Some colours have some frost but it is not overpowering as you can see in the pic.

My personal favourite is sassy as it's quite a wearable browny-red colour which matches my warm skintone.

Fred :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

iNuovi sale!

Hey guys, so you may have heard about it already (especially if you're on vogue forums), but Stefan Hair online store is having a massive sale on the iNuovi makeup brand - all items $1!!! I think this brand is better known in Singapore and seems to retail at about 20-30 dollars. Shipping is a flat rate $11 though, so you need to make it worth your while. That's why I ended up buying 21 things (and received 24).

I will slowly be going through and reviewing/swatching the different categories of things that I've gotten. Service was great - ordered on a Saturday and receieved the package on a Tuesday. They ran out of one of the blushes I ordered so they gave me two blushes, an eyeshadow and some makeup sponges as a bonus so I'm not complaining (YAY! although these were not boxed like the other items). So far I love the blushes, concealor and lipsticks - I need some more time with the eyeshadow :).

Unfortunately I think they only ship within Australia and I do think the sale has been on for quite a long time so you should try to get in before it's all gone. I'm seriously considering getting another order since it's so cheap. Maybe I can con my sister into buying stuff and chipping in for shipping...

Anyway, check back for swatches soon.


P.S. has anyone seen the actual stefan stores and thought that stefan looks a bit creepy?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yay Holo!

Ulta3 Wildberry and L.A. Colors Rockstar Polish in Double Platinum

I really didn't intend for this blog to be a nail polish blog but oh well it seems like it's heading that way! It's just so much easier to take photos of polish than other stuff :P. Also, I've recently just gone back to uni and gotten a new job so I'm pretty busy!

The mani I have to show you today is Ulta3 Wildberry topped with L.A. Colors Double Platinum. I've got on one coat of Wildberry (from the spring collection) which is a very dark grey creme with a hint of purple (not really discernible) and then two coats of Double Platinum.

Double Platinum actually has a sheer taupey base which doesn't really show - meaning it wouldn't be the best polish to wear on its own if you're looking for opacity. It also has lots of silver and holo glitter! When there is no light hitting the nails they look a lot like gunmetal - dark grey with silver glitter. I absolutely love holo glitter in the sunlight though! To see the prismatic effect of the holo glitter see my intentionally blurry picture below :P

I intend to update this post with pictures of the actual polishes later.
Anyway, until next time!
P.S. Does anyone know why some of the pictures on my blog are clickable and some aren't? Because I upload them onto the blog the same way every time :S

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long time no post?

So I've upgraded to a new laptop that uses windows 7, but the bad news that it is incompatible with my old old ooooold school Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (I like it because it is fast and I'm familiar with everything). This means I haven't been able to edit any photos which I've taken and hence the lack of posts. So while I work on getting a newer version of Photoshop, here's a sneak peek of a polish I'll be showing you in an upcoming post :). The colour in this unedited photo is slightly off.

In the mean time, I might have to make do with some non-photo posts and reviews.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NYC Midnight + Inglot 205 Flakie

I have to say that this colour combo is one of the best I have ever tried! I recently bought Inglot #205 which is one of their flakie polishes and wanted to try it over a dark base. Here I am wearing one coat NYC Midnight (this I think is just ulta3 relabeled because you find them in the same bin), one coat of Inglot #205 and one coat of Ulta3 non chip top coat. There is a tiny bit of tip wear because these photos are taken a day after application.

Midnight is a dark blue (almost black) creme which requires only 1-2 coats and has a high-gloss finish. Inglot #205 is a clear base with green flakes in low light (see pic below) which change to gold.
I hope you guys like this mani as much as I do!

Jen's Giveaway

Just a quick post - you guys need to check out this amazing giveaway that Jen is doing! Look at the Grand prize:

Read about it here:
Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.: My 500+ Followers Appreciation Giveaway!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shoes yay.

L-R: Rubi Shoes Stevie Wedge Boots, Wittner Protect in Mush(?)
So this past week I came across some bargains that I thought I'd share for my first fashion related post. On the left are the Rubi Shoes Stevie Wedge Boots which are really inexpensive although obviously not real leather. Those of you who are interested better act fast because they're selling out quickly as most of the rubi stores I've been to have limited sizes now. Since Rubi is part of the Cotton On group these should also available in Asia and New Zealand. Here's are some more pics:

The Wittner Protects on the other hand are leather and were discounted heavily! Wittner is having a massive sale atm (which it tends to do once in a while) and I like Wittner because they tend to change stock quite often and are on trend (and use leather). Unfortunately Wittner is not available outside Australia but there are often shoes on ebay. I love these heels because I'm a bit unco with walking in heels and they're not sky high. Here's how they look on and from the side:

Yikes, I should probably learn to cam-whore a bit better because my right leg is bent in all these photos making it look bigger.

Anyway the next post will be a nail polish one :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swatches of Pressed Pigments

Here is a quick swatch of the pigments I pressed from this post.

L-R: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Yellow Gold Pearl, MAC Teal pigment, MAC Blue Brown Pigment, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Walnut Pearl, MAC Naked pigment

The picture is quite true to colour except naked is much lovelier in real life - more pinkish as well. I have to say that out of the bunch, Walnut Pearl is the standout colour and easiest to apply although Blue Brown is the most interesting. The MAC pigments definitely beat out the pearl manias in staying power. I have a few other pigments/glitters which I'll get around to swatching sometime in the future.

By the way I was going to compare swatches of the loose and pressed pigments but really pressing a pigment makes hardly any difference to colour payoff at all.

Check back for some clothes related posts coming soon :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ulta3 Natural Spring + Crystallina

Above is 3 coats of Ulta3 Natural Spring with one coat of Crystallina (no top or bottom coat because I am lazy). Natural spring on its own looked a bit off and my application wasn't that great so I added one coat of crystallina on top which gives this amazing gold sheen (which I couldn't get on camera because it is overcast and crappy today). If you want to see individual swatches of the polishes, check out More Nail Polish who has an awesome blog and swatches of almost every ulta3 colour.

The picture was taken today, and I have been wearing the polish for four days! This application is wearing extremely well although there is tip wear on my right thumb (which is inevitable because it is my can opener etc). I love this combo, but the boyfriend didn't because he said it looked like too perfect cupcake icing haha.

By the way, this polish is only available in Australia and is one of my favourites - I think it was one of the best selling drugstore brand polishes in Australia last year? At $2 a bottle, you can't go wrong :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pigment Pressing Experimentation!

Clockwise from top left: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Yellow Gold Pearl, MAC Teal pigment, MAC Blue Brown Pigment, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Walnut Pearl / MAC Naked pigment in a BYS Quad (Australia's version of E.l.f.).

So here is the result of some very messy experimentation with pressing using varying methods and with varying materials! Here are some of my top tips:
  • MAC pigments can be pressed with only isopropyl alcohol, most other pigments (like the NYX pearl manias) need a binder
  • Wear gloves (because I attended a tea party with teal pigment stains all over my fingers today argh!)
  • Practise first on pigments you won't miss too much

Now I'm not going to go into the detail of how to press because there are a gazillion tutorials on the internet, but i do want to talk about some different aspects of pigment pressing. First off I want to discuss the different binders. As said above, MAC pigments will work with isopropyl alcohol with no problems. My NYX Pearl Manias on the other hand did not successfully press with alcohol and I suffered the consequences when I accidentally bumped my eyeshadow palette into my draw (note how the pan with Naked / Walnut only has bits of walnut down the bottom? Well I still have pigment scattered over some of my other makeup, sigh).

Now binders to use in pressing pigments are available from TKB trading and coastal scents. TKB trading is much cheaper if you live in the U.S. but for international there is a minimum purchase and the lowest postage fee is quite high, so coastal scents may be a better bet if you are only after a few items. The main ingredients in these binders are silicones - particularly dimethicone (and I have read that cyclomethicone may be used too). A drugstore alternative is apparently BioSilk Silk Therapy which is to my knowledge not available to buy in Australia.

So the next thing I want to talk about is homemade eyeshadow pans! During my research on pigment pressing, I found someone (Holly/Beauty Newbie) describing how to make an eyeshadow pan out of aluminium foil - mega budget so it's right up my alley! Basically you fold the foil sheet over to get four layers on top of eachother and press it into the slot of an empty palette (being very careful not to break the foil). You then press the pigment while the foil is still in the palette and trim the edges of the foil after the pigment has dried. I recommend avoiding taking the 'pan' out of the palette too often because the foil is still quite flexible and might cause the pigment to crack and ultimately shatter (so if you are using MAC palettes, you really need the dividers in if you want to use foil pans). I really liked this cheap alternative but must say it's not as pretty or as durable as using normal makeup pans. My blue brown pigment pressed in foil is shown on the right.

Anyway I hope my first makeup related post was helpful to you guys and not too long!


So I'm sure readers are non-existent at the moment but all bloggers need to start somewhere. This blog will be focussed on makeup swatches, review, looks, tutorials as well as ramblings on clothes, fashion and perhaps some other aspects of my life. This is not my first blog as I used to do layouts and HTML all by myself in the early years of highschool - gee blogger makes it freaking easy to create a blog! I look back and shudder at the terrible 'teeny bopper' language I used to use back then... hopefully I won't write anything I don't regret here =P.

Also, some info about me? Well you can call me Fred, I'm a busy university student who was born and raised in Australia with a Chinese background. I've got really diverse interests and makeup is just one of them that I have been getting more and more excited about! I've loved playing with makeup ever since I was little and I think it's just another way to be artistic (did I mention I love art?). I try not to take it too seriously, but it is of course easy to get carried away with because there are just so many colours and textures to play with.

Hopefully this blog will be of use (or at least some interest) to you :) Especially all you Aussie girls!